13 Tips for a Super Yard Sale

A Yard Sale is Just Clearing Your Clutter, Right?

Wrong. It’s an opportunity to become a master of marketing.

This post comes from Brandon Ballenger at partner site Money Talks News.

If spring is for cleaning, summer is for selling off all the junk you’ve accumulated. And the simplest way to do it? An American classic: the yard sale.

Yard sales are known by many names, including garage sales, attic sales, porch sales, barn sales, junk sales, tag sales, moving sales, and the ever-popular rummage sale. They’ve been around for as long as people have been collecting clutter. If you’re so inclined, check out the history at this Wikipedia page.

But if you’re more interested in making money, what you need are a few tips to make your next sale more successful. Reporter Jim Robinson recently visited a few yard sales and talked to both buyers and sellers. Check out some his advice in the video, then read on for more.

Read 13 tips for a super yard sale on MSN Money.


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