What is YOUR Time Worth?

How About a Few Cents a Day?

Hundreds of thousands of people in the US and Canada rely on items found at yard/garage/estate sales. Who?

  • eBay Sellers of yard sale finds
  • Collectors
  • Dedicated yard/garage/estate sale shoppers
  • Antique Dealers

YOUR time Yardsales.com premium alerts

How Do They Find Out About Sales?

Many sites, including Yardsales.com, allow people to search for sales for free. That sounds easy enough, right? Let’s say these people who RELY on items found at yard and garage sales, set aside a time or a few times each week to find the sales. Now this might work out for the first week or two but let’s face it. LIFE gets in the way of our best intentions! Most people are already over-extended on their time commitments and struggle daily to get their chosen or imposed tasks of the day – done! Bottom line? They won’t get that sit-down time to make their searches and find the sales!

This is really not a matter of paying for something you can get for free – or not – but rather it is a matter of what YOUR time is worth to you! Is it worth $39/YEAR? That is only a few pennies a day. TIME is our most precious commodity and what we ALL need a lot more of!

If you want to assure that you get there FIRST and be able to purchase what you need/want before someone else does, be kind to yourself and treat yourself to a time-saver! Get your YardSales.com Premium Alerts today! YOU are worth it!

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